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Hey, i’m Bella, a mother of two and wife to one. A true Sagittarius I have many passions and projects that I give 100% of my energy to at any one time. Birth became important to me after my second son was born, his birth was the catalyst that changed my career path entirely and although it was a very difficult time in many ways, what total life transformations are ever easy?

Training in 2016 with The Red Tent Doula’s, this kicked off my passion for birth and was the tipping point and introduction to the world of  birth that I had been dreaming of. Building the foundations of my knowledge and the concept of the role of a doula, I feel this training ignited my multifaceted identity not only as a mother and a person but as a doula also.

In 2018 I began a degree in brith & beyond and in August 2020 I will have my very first degree, something I never thought I would achieve, especially after having children. The degree enables me to facilitate antenatal education, ensuring the very best standard of evidence based and reliable information is shared with parents so that they are empowered and able to make informed decisions, taking into consideration their own personal circumstances. I’m passionate about teaching antenatal education as I believe the sharing of knowledge and experiences equips parents to be in informed and in control to achieve the birth that they desire.

In 2019, after following Jen of Badass birth’s journey as a doula before becoming a doula trainer, I had the absolute honour and privilege of being in their first ever cohort of badass doulas. This training re-lit the fire within me and spoke to my inner rebel with advocacy and activism at the core of its curriculum this training is confronting, transformative and totally bad ass in the very best way and has forced me to consider how useful I really am to the birth world, ensuring that I’m not here for my own ego, but to work safely, inclusively and culturally competently with all clients that hire me as their doula.

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