The journey

I am a birth and postnatal doula and holistic therapist dedicated to pregnant people and their families well-being  based in Crewe, Cheshire.

The journey so far,

My purpose has risen from my pain with my own birth experiences leading me to seek out something bigger than I ever imagined. In the beginning of my birth trauma and onset of PTSD, I scrolled the internet for hours in my state of depression and I don’t know how but I came across the role of a doula and knew at that exact moment, this was my path to healing, not only myself,  but the people around me. Nicola the founder of Red Tent Doula’s stood out to me from a long list of Doula UK approved courses, the more I read, the more I loved and the more the red tent philosophy just felt right.

I drove to the Doula preperation workshop in North Wales on my own, although anxious, something was carrying me, pushing me forward and telling me I could do this. I have never been to North Wales before and the journey was stunning! As I approached my destination, Snowdonia in the distance, a huge mountain with a cloud at the top casting a dark shadow over the mountain, it felt just like my life and what was to come. I had to climb the mountain and yes there would be dark, miserable, cloudy days but it would be worth it in the end.

On arrival to the workshop, people were already gathering and an alter had been set in the middle of our circle. We drank tea, ate nourishing food and began getting to know each other. The weekend went by in a flash but was spent in so much reflection and releasing. We walked, we ate and we talked. The weekend was life-changing in so many ways and will forever hold a huge place in not only my journey to healing but also in my heart.

A few years since that wonderful workshop, I have really put in the work to heal and overcome from own experiences of birth and immersed myself in wonderful work of a doula, it’s now a way of life for me and I’m enjoying every minute and every family I have the honour of supporting.

My passion for positive birth and parenting experiences and love of  all things holistic lead me to start Radical Birth, combining birth work and holistic therapies to support pregnant people and their families being available to them, taking care of their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing in the most vulnerable time of their lives is an honour, and I feel blessed to walk beside them on their journey.

The journey continues…


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